The Passions & Perils of the Prodigy


This is a Historical Novel you will not want to put down. Historical novels include both, real and fictional characters and places. You will be able to relate to many events in this book because some of them happened during your lifetime.


   This book is an excellent gift choice for mature teenagers and older adults alike. Many readers report that the book held their interest throughout. It has earned a 5-star rating on


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Excerpt from the book: (PROLOG)

The repulsive condition of the two young Cambodian girls, rescued Friday, August 15, 1980 weigh heavily on Chris.  Schroeder's crew, nicknamed 'Champions', located the children, aged thirteen and fifteen, at the home of a Cambodian Government official outside of Phnom Penh.

   Tinos, a subordinate of the official, is one of several employees invited to enjoy the slave girls. The Government official purchased the girls from traffickers for the entertainment of his guests. Tinos is an eye witness to the abuse of the children. Undernourished and frail, the girls were raped and beaten repeatedly. Lt. Schroeder is grateful to Tinos for the tipoff. His testimony will be critical for the outcome of the jury's verdict.

   The eyes of these abused children disclose unspeakable sadness which burns a permanent image on Chris' receptive mind, "Oh Lord, the evil is so painful to me. How can I conquer my repulsion against these abusers of innocent children?"

   Tonight, the day after the rescue, while the rest of the house is sound asleep, Chris cannot get any rest.

   Hercules, Wilbur's dog, barking furiously, interrupts his thoughts. Chris is able to distinguish between the dog's casual bark and the ferocious bark at an intruder. It is obvious that the dog has spotted intruders.

   The shot that silences the dog carries the threat of serious trouble. Wilbur had given him a revolver, but Chris never shot it and actually has an aversion to guns. He is not sure he could take another man's life.

    Nevertheless, he takes the loaded weapon to the window, and peers into the darkness. The yard light casts the shadow of two men standing by the dead dog at Wilbur's front door. He freezes. What will they do next? To his horror, Wilbur appears at the front door. Without hesitation, the men shoot him several times. Then they step over his body and enter the house. Annie will be next! Chris darts to the house....




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